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Delay on SAL delivery (24-12-2015)
Purchases have been arriving later than usual.
Please expect one to two months in average to
receive your purchase.
We are sorry for this inconvenience.
【Business hours and business days】 (07-12-2015)
A person in charge of the online shop works at 10:00 - 18:00 JST (01:00 - 9:00 UTC) every Monday, Thursday and Friday.
【Our New Year's Holiday】 (19-11-2015)
Due to the New Year's holiday season, we will close from December 26 to January 3.
【New Item】Nekomado original shogi board (20-08-2015)
Highly recommended board for portable board
【The information on the price change】 (22-06-2015)
We will change the prices of a part of product on July 1st.
【The information on discontinued item】 (01-06-2015)
Promotion Piece Set: 1-kanji (black on promoted side) will be discontinued
as soon as we sell out our stock.
2-kanji and 1-kanji (red on promoted side) sets are still available.
【Suspensioin of Kifu Commentary service】 (13-05-2015)
Kifu Commentary is suspended now.
We apologise for your inconvenience.
【Currently out of stock】Kyoto-shogi Pieces (13-04-2015)
We are sorry,currently Kyoto-shogi Pieces are out of stock.
The manufacturer is making them now,please wait for a while.
【new】"Written Tsuge Chu-shogi Pieces" and "Written Kaede Chu-shogi Pieces" (08-04-2015)
21 types of Pieces for chu-shogi.
chu-shogi is a shogi variant which has been played since Edo era.
You play it on a 12×12 square board with a set comprising 46 pieces of 21 types.
【new】Which pieces do you need to mate? (26-03-2015)
A novel practical mate-in-1 English book with 100 problems.
Delay on SAL delivery! (09-03-2015)
Some of our customers reported us that
their purchase had arrived later than we had predicted.
Please expect three weeks in average to
receive your purchase.
We are sorry for this inconvenience.
Glance Shogi Series Set (4 books) (08-01-2015)
All 4 books of Glance Shogi Series as a discount set!
Thin wooden shogi board is available  (08-01-2015)
Thin wooden shogi board
Shipping cost updated. (04-09-2014)
We have reviewed the current shipping cost structure, and updated our calculation accordingly. Now in some cases the shipping cost is cheaper than before.
Shogi Almanac (Shogi Nenkan) 2014 (19-08-2014)
JSA's official shogi almanac, covering everything happened in 2014 in the shogi world!
Delay of packages in North America (07-02-2014)
We are currently hearing many reports of long delays of our packages sent to North America. The reason is unknown, but in some cases it takes more than 1 month for a SAL package to be delivered. Please be aware of this situation when you place an order.
Please also be aware that SAL packages under 2kg have no tracking code. We are also considering to have an option to add a tracking code with additional fee.
Thank you for your understanding.
Digital Shogi/Chess Clock (Citizen TIC DIT-40) (19-08-2014)
Shogi/chess clock with human byoyomi voice.
Sabaki at a Glance (03-09-2013)
New Release: The 3rd book of the Glance Shogi Series, "Sabaki at a Glance". Learn the concept of sabaki and win your games!
Storming the Mino Castle 200 (10-01-2013)
The 2nd book of Takashi Kaneko's endgame series is now available to buy.
Christmas/NewYear's Holiday (10-12-2012)
Our shop will have holidays from December 23rd to January 1st. (We will do our final shipping on December 25th.)
Kifu Commentary service started (08-12-2012)
We start selling online lesson tickets for kifu commentary. By purchasing this ticket, you can have your own game score evaluated, analyzed, and commentated by NEKOMADO's variety of shogi teachers. If you make an order by December 20th, we will return to you you the half of the price as shopping points.
Goro-Goro Dobutsu Shogi Debut! (11-11-2012)
New 5x6 square version of Dobutsu Shogi is now available. The rules of the famous Goro-Goro Shogi are employed.
We have added a new 5×5 Shogi Board! (02-10-2012)
5×5-square shogi board to play "Mini Shogi" and "Kyoto Shogi"
【Hidetchi's YouTube Pieces】 Carved Chinese-tsuge Pieces by Master Yamagami (1-kanji, red promotion) (27-09-2012)
The very shogi piece set that Hidetchi uses in his YouTube videos!
Dobutsu Shogi Q (2) "Oute and Tusmi" are now available  (27-09-2012)
The second volume of Dobutsu Shogi Q, a very nice book series to learn the basics concept of shogi.
Master Sakamoto's Chu-shogi pieces are now available (20-09-2012)
Master Sakamoto writes Chu-shogi pieces specially for you, using her excellent writing technique she developed with shogi pieces.
Takashi Kaneko's new endgame book is available (10-09-2012)
Very famous Japanese shogi book is now translated in to English as "Ending Attack Techniques 200".
Shima-tsuge Written Pieces by Master Tarou are now available! (17-12-2011)
Review Campaign (28-11-2011)
If you kindly post a review comment on each of the product pages, 10 shopping points will be given to you if your comment is put on the page.
Hidetchi Internationalized Piece Set is now available. (05-11-2011)
Nekomado shogi shop is open!! (01-10-2011)
Nekomado starts an online shogi shop for international sale. Our first shipping day is the beginning of November. However, we are accepting orders from October.
We seek to promote this wonderful board game to the world. Please enjoy looking at many interesting shogi goods and equipment at our shop.


Hidetchi's Internationalized Piece Set

Sale Price: 2,500 JPY

Hidetchi's internationalized piece set finally became a real one!

No-joint Folding Board (*)

Sale Price: 3,600 JPY

Wooden folding board without any additional joint device on the back.

NANAHOSHI -Ladybirds-

Sale Price: 3,500 JPY

New board game designed by Madoka Kitao. Find the ladybirds and collect 7 points!

Kyoto Shogi(GENTOSHA)

Sale Price: 2,025 JPY

Flipping the piece moved with every move ends

Ending Attack Techniques 200

Sale Price: 2,430 JPY

English version of the very famous endgame instruction book by Takashi Kaneko.

Digital Shogi/Chess Clock (Citizen TIC DIT-40)

Sale Price: 14,850 JPY

Shogi/chess clock with human byoyomi voice.

Study Shogi (*)

Sale Price: 4,320 JPY

Movements are shown on each piece. Very good tool to teach/learn shogi.

Hidetchi Shogi Set (Entry Model)

Sale Price: 15,250 JPY

An entry shogi set that is very similar to what Hidetchi uses in his YouTube videos.

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□ Please see "Shopping guide" page to understand the order procedure of our shop.
□ Currently we only accept orders from countries listed in "Price & fee" page.



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