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New Price Now! (13-06-2016)
Some of the products’ price has been altered.
Now you can shop without price limitation! (01-06-2016)
The rule that the products with (*) mark are not able to be bought unless the total amount is higher than JPY 5,000 is canceled from June in 2016.
Business hours and business days (01-04-2016)
10:00 - 18:00 JST (01:00 - 09:00 UTC) Mon-Fir
NEKOMADO online shogi shop is open! (01-10-2011)
NEKOMADO starts an online shogi shop for international sale.
We would like to promote this wonderful board game to the world. Please enjoy looking at many interesting shogi goods and equipment in our shop.


Hidetchi's Internationalized Pieces

Sale Price: 2,500 JPY

Hidetchi's internationalized piece set finally became a real one!

No-joint Folding Board

Sale Price: 3,500 JPY

Wooden folding board without any additional joint device on the back.

NANAHOSHI -Ladybirds-

Sale Price: 3,500 JPY

New board game designed by Madoka Kitao. Find the ladybirds and collect 7 points!

Kyoto Shogi (GENTOSHA)

Sale Price: 1,900 JPY

Flipping the piece moved with every move ends

Ending Attack Techniques 200

Sale Price: 2,300 JPY

English version of the very famous endgame instruction book by Takashi Kaneko.

Digital Shogi/Chess Clock (Citizen TIC DIT-40)

Sale Price: 13,800 JPY

Shogi/chess clock with human byoyomi voice.

Study Shogi

Sale Price: 4,000 JPY

Movements are shown on each piece. Very good tool to teach/learn shogi.

Hidetchi Shogi Set (Entry Model)

Sale Price: 15,900 JPY

An entry shogi set that is very similar to what Hidetchi uses in his YouTube videos.

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