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Surface freight to the U.S. is available now. (03-09-2020)
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the corona infection that has prevented transportation in some areas. We are currently checking the availability of shipping to each country and how it will be done before we send you an invoice, which will take some time.

Air and SAL shipment is currently not available for orders from the United States, but Surface freight has resumed. We will be asking customers who ordered from the U.S. about their preference for shipping. If you have an order from the U.S. and would like it shipped by surface, please let us know voluntarily at the email address below and we will calculate the shipping costs and send you an invoice so that we can prepare to ship your order.Please be sure to include your order number and your name.

Thank you very much.
The resumption of shop operations. (02-08-2020)
Thank you for visiting Nekomodo Shop.

The shop was temporarily closed in July and will resume operations in August.

Due to the effects of the corona infection, there are areas where it is possible to transport packages, and areas where it is not possible to do so, as well as areas where there are delays. As each shipment has to be handled individually, it may take some time for us to get back to you. We would appreciate your cooperation.

If you are having trouble sending and receiving mail from our shop, please let us know. If you do not receive an automatic reply from us, please use a different address to contact us.
Summer Holiday Notice (24-06-2020)
Nekomado Shop Online will be closed during the month of July for the summer holidays. You will be able to order and contact us, but we will not be able to ship or bill you until August. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your cooperation.
For a customer with an email address with (08-06-2020)
For those ordering from Italy using the email address. All the emails we sent have been blocked. Could you please contact us with another e-mail address?
Due to Coronavirus, (08-05-2020)
50 countries stop all item transport and 146 countries only accept freights by Surface at this moment. We only proceed orders from countries where they accept package. For other countries, we will respond as soon as it becomes possible to accept shipment.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Due to Coronavirus, (01-05-2020)
We expect delays in the transportation of all goods nationwide. Also, in some countries, we can't send. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Nekomado Shogi boards are back!!! (29-11-2019)
Nekomado shogi boards are now restored.

You can order this light and convenient board from the link below.

Moreover, the different color versions are also on sale now.

Light blue


※Please understand the price hike due to the cost of the materials.
Nekomado Booth in Spiel-Messe 2019 (21-10-2019)
Nekomado booth will be open in Spiel-Messe in Essen, Germany from Oct 24th to 27th. Madoka Kitao will be waiting to see you at the booth; 4J101 in Hall 4. Please feel free to drop by.

Accordingly, our online shop service will be suspended for a week.

Thank you for your corporation.
"Ending Attack Techniques 200" is now on sale! (26-07-2019)
"Ending Attack Techniques 200", which had been out of prints for a long time, finally came back. This book is recommended by many top-flight professional shogi players. (Recommendations are shown in the products page.) Please do check the page and order before it runs out!
the price hike regarding Ono-ore pieces (03-06-2019)
Regrettably, we must inform you about the price hike regarding Ono-ore pieces. Due to the recent price increase in raw materials, our supplier decided to raise the price for this product by 5000JPY. Accordingly, the sets including Ono-ore pieces such as Hidetchi Shogi Set (Standard Model) and Hidetchi Shogi Set (Premium Model) also increases its price. We guarantee its beauty of the pieces and its high quality.
Service during the New Year holiday season (25-12-2018)
During the New Year holiday season, which will be from December 29th to January 3rd, Shipment cannot be proceeded due to the closure of postal system in Japan.

We truly appreciate to your kind contribution for this year. We are looking forward to your orders next year as well.
Nekomado Booth in Spiel-Messe 2018 (22-10-2018)
Nekomado booth will be open in Spiel-Messe in Essen, Germany from Oct 25th to 28th. Madoka Kitao will be waiting to see you at the booth; 4J104 in Hall 4. Please feel free to drop by.
Printed Calligraphy Towel by professional shogi player is available now! (15-01-2018)
Amahiko Sato MEIJIN
Shintaro Saito 7-dan
Saki Satomi Jyoryu 1-dan
Emina Yamaguchi Jyoryu 1-kyu
A new Shogi Clock! Available now! 5,940JPY! (15-01-2018)
A new chess clock called 'Shogi Clock' is available now!
We recommend it as a simple & compact chess clock for shogi players.
Republished! The new version of "Dobutsu Shogi in the Greenwood"! (10-11-2017)
The new version of "Dobutsu Shogi in the Greenwood" has been republish by a new maker called Shogakukan on 8 NOV, 2017!
New products! Seals of Shogi Pieces! For sales now! (09-10-2017)
New products! Seals of Shogi Pieces! For sales now!
200 JPY for one set, 2500 JPY for twenty sets!
You can get 20 sets of this item by a discount price.
"Dobutsu Shogi in the Greenwood", new version! pre-sale starts! (06-10-2017)
The new version of Dobutsu Shogi in the Greenwood will be republished on 8 NOV, 2017. The pre-sale of this item is now started. You can book this cute item now and we will ship it to you after its publication day.
"Glance Shogi Series Set (4 books)", advance booking starts! (26-07-2017)
One of books of Glance series, "Sabaki at a Glance" will be republished on 1 AUG, 2017. Now the advance booking starts. Please pay attention if you order this item, the shipment will be made after 1 AUG.
"Sabaki at a Glance" republished! Advance booking starts! (26-07-2017)
A book of Glance series, "Sabaki at a Glance" will be republished on 1 AUG, 2017. Now the advance booking starts. Please pay attention if you order this item, the shipment will be made after 1 AUG.
Shogi Set for beginners! (01-06-2017)
A set of Plastic pieces and Nekomado Shogi Board.
Recommend to beginners!
New Price Now! (13-06-2016)
Some of the products’ price has been altered.
Now you can shop without price limitation! (01-06-2016)
The rule that the products with (*) mark are not able to be bought unless the total amount is higher than JPY 5,000 is canceled from June in 2016.
Business hours and business days (01-04-2016)
10:00 - 18:00 JST (01:00 - 09:00 UTC) Mon-Fir
NEKOMADO online shogi shop is open! (01-10-2011)
NEKOMADO starts an online shogi shop for international sale.
We would like to promote this wonderful board game to the world. Please enjoy looking at many interesting shogi goods and equipment in our shop.


Hidetchi's Internationalized Pieces

Sale Price: 3,200 JPY

Hidetchi's internationalized piece set finally became a real one!

Glance Shogi Series Set (4 books)

Sale Price: 3,500 JPY

The famous shogi book series by Madoka Kitao come as a set for a discount price.

A set of Nekomado Shogi Board and 1-kanji Promotion Pieces

Sale Price: 3,400 JPY

We recommend it for its reasonable price and high quality!

Study Shogi

Sale Price: 4,000 JPY

Movements are shown on each piece. Very good tool to teach/learn shogi.

Hidetchi Shogi Set (Entry Model)

Sale Price: 15,900 JPY

An entry shogi set that is very similar to what Hidetchi uses in his YouTube videos.

Dobutsu Shogi New!

Sale Price: 2,500 JPY

New Design!
It is an interesting board game with profound ideas which even small children can quickly understand its rule.

NANAHOSHI -Ladybirds-

Sale Price: 3,500 JPY

New board game designed by Madoka Kitao, who is also the designer of the famous Dobutsu Shogi.

New Mate-in-3 Handbook by Masahiko Urano

Sale Price: 1,500 JPY

200 mate-in-3 problems by professional player Masahiko Urano.

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