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  • 残りわずか
Product code: SW-003

Hidetchi Shogi Set (Standard Model)

Sale Price (incl. fee): 25,700 JPY
Points: + 257 Pt
Weight: 2120g

  Shogi equipment > Game sets

This set is almost the same as what Hidetchi uses in his YouTube shogi lesson videos.
The board is a 1-sun thick Hiba board, which is exactly the same one as in the videos.
Nice piece stands for 1-sun board are also included.
The pieces are 1-kanji red-back ono-ore pieces, which is at similar grade to Hidetchi's pieces in the videos.

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Reproducing the feature of Hidetchi's YouTube videos

This set reproduces the features of the equipment that Hidetchi, the YouTube shogi producer, uses in his English lecture videos.

Elegant 1-sun Hiba board and piece stands

The board and piece stands are made of Hiba wood, which is decent material that is definitely good enough for an entry model.

1-kanji pieces with red inscription on the back

The set comes with a piece set that is almost same as what Hidetchi uses.
The grade is about the same, and of course it has 1-kanji style with red inscription on the promoted side.

Customer reviews

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  • Very nice set

    2015/07/25 Poster:LJR from Canada Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Great set. Wish there was a 2-sun Hiba board (to keep my equivalent goban and Slate/Shell stones). The premium with/kaya but as another has pointed out, the pieces would deserve to be upgraded (as would my go board).

  • Beutiful board, pieces, and packaging

    2014/06/24 Poster:スペンスー Recommend rate:★★★★★

    I had just recently began playing shogi and from fell in love with it. After watching HIdetchi's videos on youtube I decided that I would really like some nice pieces and a good board. After some searching I decided on this set. The price granted fairly expensive is reasonable for the effort put into it. It is simply beutiful and I will be using this board and set a lot. I was nervous also in the fact of shipping it overseas but it arrived sooner and in better shape than I could have asked for. I would strongly recomend this to anyone looking to purchase and reasonably priced and very nice shogi set.


  • A magnificent shogi set

    2014/04/29 Poster:Andrey Melikhov Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Hello everyone!

    I ordered Hidetchi Shogi Set (Standard Model). Delivery arrived in one week (Russia).
    The quality of the set is the same as Hidetchi uses in his YouTube shogi lesson videos. Pieces are amazing!
    I recommend this board for all beginner players of shogi!

    Thank you very much!

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