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Hidetchi Shogi Set (Entry Model)

Sale Price (incl. fee): 18,400 JPY
Points: + 184 Pt
Weight: 2050g

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You can now get an entry shogi set, which is very similar to the one that Hidetchi uses in his YouTube shogi lesson videos.
The board is a 1-sun thick Hiba board, which is exactly the same one as what Hidetchi uses.
Nice piece stands for 1-sun board are also included.
The pieces are 1-kanji red-back pieces, which is an easy-to-recognize version that Hidetchi also uses in his videos.

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Reproducing the feature of Hidetchi's YouTube videos

This set reproduces the features of the equipment that Hidetchi, the YouTube shogi producer, uses in his English lecture videos.
The board is 1-sun Hiba board, which is exactly the one he uses.

Elegant 1-sun Hiba board and piece stands

The board and piece stands are made of Hiba wood, which is decent material that is definitely good enough for an entry model.

1-kanji pieces with red inscription on the back

The set comes with a piece set that has very similar design as what Hidetchi uses. 1-kanji style with red inscription on the promoted side.
Although the grade of the piece set itself is lower than what Hidetchi uses, it is in good balance with the grade of the board.

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