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  • 受注生産
Product code: SW-002

Hidetchi Shogi Set (Premium Model)

Sale Price (incl. fee): 65,000 JPY
Points: + 650 Pt
Weight: 4980g

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The premium grade model of Hidetchi Shogi Set.
It includes a 2-sun thick genuine Kaya board, which is of higher value than what Hidetchi uses. It is also equipped with a higher grade piece stands for 2-sun boards. You can go up to the next level above Hidetchi's videos with this set.
The piece set is also of higher grade than in the Entry Model, and it is of as high value as the ones that Hidetchi actually uses in his videos.

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Reproducing the feature of Hidetchi's YouTube videos

This set reproduces (and even tries to exceed) the features of the equipment that Hidetchi, the YouTube shogi producer, uses in his English lecture videos.
The board is 2-sun genuine Kaya board, which is of higher value than the one Hidetchi uses: a 1-sun Hiba board.

Elegant 2-sun genuine Kaya board and piece stands

The board and piece stands are made of genuine Kaya wood, which is known as the highest-grade wood for making shogi equipment.
If you already own a half-sun or 1-sun board, please consider going up to the next level with this board set.

1-kanji Ono-ore wood inscribed piece set, very similar to Hidetchi's

The set comes with decent inscribed pieces, which is very similar ones to what Hidetchi uses in his videos; in terms of the grade, the writing style (1-kanji), and the red color on the promoted side.
The Ono-ore wood is one of the high value materials. Ono-ore literally means "ax breaker", which is named after the way how the wood is hard and dense. It is in good balance with the genuine 2-sun Kaya board.

Customer reviews

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  • Really good set

    2014/05/26 Poster:Quentin VERCHERE Recommend rate:★★★★★

    I just received this set, the shipping was quick ,about 3 weeks (France).
    The board is very nice, flat, and has a nice color.
    The pieces are also nice, and really hard.

    It's my first purchase on this website, also my first "real" shogi set, and as a beginner, I highly recommend it!

  • Ono-ore

    2012/12/17 Poster:Steve Sun Recommend rate:★★★

    Highly recommended of the Hon-Kaya board. However, the quality of the pieces cannot match the quality of the board! The pieces should be at least Hon-tsuge.

  • Premium Shogi Set

    2012/05/13 Poster:Isaac Deal Recommend rate:★★★★★

    I just received this set yesterday, and I am extremely impressed by the quality of the boards and pieces. The board is heavy and has a great color to it. It is also well made. The board is very flat. The pieces, with the one kanji style, which I don't really prefer is actually very nice. They are cut in with lacquer. Very high quality. But I must caution new owners: The descriptions are not wrong, these pieces are indeed as hard as they say. If you drop a piece and a point strikes the board, it may damage it. But that isn't enough to ruin the satisfaction I have for this purchase. It's the best alternative compared to the 40,000 dollar blocks.

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