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  • オススメ
Product code: K-007

Blank Piece Material Set

Sale Price (incl. fee): 2,300 JPY
Points: + 23 Pt
Weight: 90g

  Shogi equipment > Pieces

A blank piece set that you can use to create your own shogi piece set.
The material is "Itaya-kaede" wood, which is popular for shogi piece material.

It includes 40 pieces that consists of,
- Size of King/Jewel: 2
- Size of Rook/Bishop: 4
- Size of Gold/Silver: 8
- Size of Knight: 4
- Size of Lance: 4
- Size of Pawn: 18

Try creating one with your own design!

This product does not include the board.

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The size of the pieces

Usage example

A wonderful example by one of our customers.
This shows how the blank pieces can be processed to become a beautiful playing piece set.

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  • The perfect blank set

    2024/03/12 Poster:Aurelien Rety Recommend rate:★★★★★

    The pieces are of the same quality as the nice carved set I bought years ago. With a nice polished surface and a beautiful wood grain. I was looking for this set to make my own custom pieces to play with people who won't learn the kanji. It is the beginning of a nice project.

  • Made Chu Shogi Set with this tiles

    2019/05/23 Poster:Andrej Trauner Recommend rate:★★★★★

    The tiles are of awesome quality. I have many shogi sets with much poorer quality, but this pieces are cut very precisely. Ordering few blank tiles, I made myself a beatiful Chu Shogi Set. I just printed the Kanji at transparent sticky foil and put that on the pieces. Now I have a set of this great game, that is hardly availabe anywhere.

  • Completed set

    2013/04/29 Poster:Alan Popow Recommend rate:★★★★★

    The picture showing a completed set is mine. I just thought people might like to know how I created it. Unfortunately, the picture is a little small to show full detail, but I used FontForge (a free font program) to create a TrueType Shogi font. I Printed the font onto clear labels and applied the labels to the pieces. I did the promoted sides in red. I then used verithane to coat them. All in all, it turned out great. I can honestly recommend these pieces very highly.

  • Exactly as advertised

    2013/03/12 Poster:Alan Popow Recommend rate:★★★★★

    These blank pieces are just what I was looking for. I haven't yet done any work with them, but that's next and the pieces themselves are very nicely made and if what I'm doing doesn't work out, it will be nobody's fault but my own.

  • Making shogi variant chessmen

    2012/12/20 Poster:Edward Strickland Recommend rate:★★★★★

    After experimenting, I found that these pieces worked well with drafting applique film and waterslide decals. If these film and decal products are used as directed, they produce similar results. I found the applique film easier to apply.

    I printed characters for Kokusai Sannin Shogi and Wa Shogi; some fonts available in the west produce serifs on strokes to look more like what modest calligraphic stamping produces. If one had access to good kanji fonts, no doubt better results could be produced. It would be nice if there were a template to work with a word processor to prepare appropriately sized character labels for the differently sized blanks, but with trial and error, even a technical incompetent like myself was able to produce adequate results.

    I sealed the film and decals with a light application of clear acrylic spray; the coated areas took on a light amber hue once they dried.

  • Great Blanks

    2012/11/17 Poster:Mark Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Im going to help my kids make there own.

  • Perfect for Shogi projects

    2012/09/27 Poster:John Cooper Recommend rate:★★★★

    These blank pieces are perfect for assembling Shogi koma with your own graphics. The wood is good quality with crisp edges, consistent shapes, and very smooth surfaces. This makes applying stickers (with graphics) very easy and reliable. I expect that inks would also apply well since the surfaces are not polished or covered with a finish that would prevent inks from adhering.