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Product code: SW-005-1

A set of Nekomado Shogi Board and Plastic Pieces

Sale Price (incl. fee): 2,000 JPY
Points: + 20 Pt
Weight: 600g

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A shogi set for beginners! Which includes

Plastic pieces (with a simple pieces bag, no boxes)
Nekomado Original Shogi Board

We recommend it for its reasonable price and high quality!

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Nekomado Original Shogi Board

light and convenient!

Plastic Pieces

Simple Shogi Pieces made of plastic.
(No boxes.)

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Nekomado Original Shogi Board

Sale Price (incl. fee): 1,000 JPY

This is a nekomado original three-fold shogi board.
It’s light and convenient.

Size: 351mm x 297mm
Folded Size: 174mm x 297mm
Weight: 230g
Material: Inside MDF, Surface paper

Plastic Pieces

Sale Price (incl. fee): 1,200 JPY

Shogi piece set made of plastic. Very useful for club activities and tournaments.