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Sabaki at a Glance

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The book, Sabaki at a Glance has been republished on 1 AUG, 2017.

The 3rd book of the famous shogi book series "Glance Shogi Series". This time the author discusses the "sabaki" techniques in shogi. The concept of "sabaki" is generally thought to be difficult for beginners understand. However, in this book the subtle meanings of "sabaki" and its essence are well explained, so that the reader can easily get good understanding of the techniques.

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Translated from the famous series in Japan

The original Japanese version of this book is one of "ひと目" series books published by Mynavi.
Sabaki at a Glance

Written by Madoka Kitao

This book is written by Madoka Kitao, a Ladies Professional 2-Dan who has the most eagerness in promoting shogi to the world. She is also the inventor of Dobutsu Shogi.
Sabaki at a Glance

Translated by the famed YouTube broadcaster

The author chose Hidetchi, the YouTube shogi channel producer and 81Dojo director, as the translator of this 3rd volume as well.
Sabaki at a Glance

Customer reviews

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  • great!

    2017/01/06 Poster:km Recommend rate:★★★★★

    This is a great book. I really think that this is the best book of English 'At a Glance' series. Although 'sabaki' is a pretty vague concept, the tactics and thought processes behind it are very important. This book just has a lot of the pattern recognition that one needs to have in order to play shogi. The way the book organizes the sabaki according to opening is pretty useful. That way one can use this book in combination with the joseki book when focusing on improving one's knowledge of a specific opening.

  • Great continuation of the series

    2014/01/26 Poster:Chris Campbell Recommend rate:★★★★★

    This is a book of sabaki problems, which roughly means maximizing the potential of your pieces, especially the majors. At first I thought these problems were a little easy compared to the previous two books but that really isn't a problem. These are techniques that a player should internalize and strive to find instinctively during games. Highly recommended!

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