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Joseki at a Glance

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A great shogi book that has been selling more than 15,000 copies in Japan. It is now translated by Hidetchi for all English speaking shogi fans to read! It covers almost all kinds of joseki with very good explanation.

ISBN: 9784905225010

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A big hit in Japan

The original Japanese version of this book has been selling over 15,000 copies in Japan, which is a big hit as a shogi book.
Joseki at a Glance

Written by Madoka Kitao

This book is written by Madoka Kitao, a Ladies Professional 1-Dan who has the most eagerness in promoting shogi to the world. She is also the inventor of Dobutsu Shogi.
Joseki at a Glance

Translated by the famed YouTube broadcaster

The author chose Hidetchi, the YouTube shogi channel producer, as the translator of this series. If you are a fan of his YouTube videos, don't miss this chance to check out his collaboration work with 1-Dan Kitao.
Joseki at a Glance

Clear explanation with many diagrams

This book explains many important joseki moves in very clear way, using many diagrams for you to understand them easily.

Many Joseki Covered

- Double Wing Attack
- Side Pawn Picker
- Bishop Exchange
- Yagura
- Wrong Diagonal Bishop
- Demon Killer
- 3rd-file Rook
- Central Rook
- 4th-file Rook
- Double Swinging Rook (Double Ranging Rook)

Customer reviews

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  • Excellent choice

    2017/04/02 Poster:Marios Recommend rate:★★★★★

    This very book is an excellent choice for those starting now to understand the basic fundamentals of shogi opening theory,and will accompany them till they reach the higher ranks.It is a book covering 200 problems,enough to give you a feel on the basic theory around the most popular openings such as the Yagura,Double Wing Attack,etc.
    I would totally recommend that book!!!

  • useful

    2017/01/06 Poster:km Recommend rate:★★★★

    This book is kind of like a set of flashcards. You view a board position and after you think of the answer, you flip the page and see if you got your answer right. Like the other reviewers, there is sort of an expectation that you have already learned the joseki to some extent, and now you are just testing your knowledge. So, this isn't the best book to learn the josekis. Unfortunately, this book contains some josekis that have not been published in English in any form. So, without this book, those josekis may not even have been known outside of the Japanese language world.

    The best English book for josekis is Tony Hosking's 'The Art of Shogi'. However, the Hosking book does not have many openings that occur in this 'At a Glance' book. And, vice versa: some openings in Hosking are not discussed in Kitao's book. So, in that respect, they both kind of complement each other nicely. Nonetheless, one still has a complaint that instead of directly translating Kitao's Japanese book, there should have been a Hidetchi-Kitao collaboration to write a new book that discuss the content of the Japanese 'At a Glance' book, but go into the level of detail that Hosking went into. That's the ideal book.

    I have one further complaint about the translation. Hidetchi has introduced new translations different from the earlier translations used by Fairbairn and Hosking. This was unfortunate. Now English speakers will need to be aware of two sets of translations instead of just one set. For example, we have 'Ranging Rook' as well 'Swinging Rook' and 'Rushing Silver' as well as 'Rapid Advancing Silver'. Well, that was unnecessary and needlessly creates confusion. There are some issues with some translation. For example, 'pick' in 'Side Pawn Picker' is strange choice in the context of a chess-like game (where 'take' or 'capture' would be more natural). But, if a native English speaker was added to the project, then the cost of the books would have to be increased. So, all the issues are minor enough really to ignore and just be happy the book was able to come to market at all.

    As some other reviewers noted, many of the openings are covered by Hidetchi videos. So, the book pairs well with them. But, I'll also note that there is information in this book that don't have Hidetchi video coverage. So, the book is still worth buying even if one has studied all the Hidetchi videos.

  • Excellent companion to Hidetchi's videos

    2015/07/23 Poster:LJR from Canada Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Bought this as part of the set, and only just started, but it has been easy to get my head around the problems from the very start. Most of the problems encountered so far are also covered in Hidetchi's videos on YouTube. This is a good thing, as it breaks the openings up into smaller, easily understandable chunks. Makes for an excellent study guide to see how much you've retained and to reinforce basic principles.

  • Learn joseki

    2013/12/17 Poster:Chris Campbell Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Before I praise the book, I should point out to potential buyers that this is a problem only book. Don't buy this expecting a detailed discussion about joseki theory. The reader is simply presented with 200 opening problems to work through.

    That said, the layout and content of the problems is excellent. Everything is arranged logically, with related problems grouped together and enough reference diagrams to drive home the main points. The problems often switch between sente and gote to give the reader a better understanding of both sides of a position.

    I plan to go over this book at least a few more times to absorb as much content as possible. One reading isn't nearly enough!

  • Easy to read yet full to information

    2013/04/11 Poster:achiinto Recommend rate:★★★★★

    This book is very amazing. The overall design, translation and materials are very considerate. lessons were categorized very well so that reader would understand the essence of the lesson very easily.

    I am gladded I got this book. What a good read.

    I hope that Nekomado could sell the book with the option of an autographed copy by the author. I don't mind paying extra for another copy.

  • This is a great book.

    2013/03/23 Poster:Nicolás Carrero Recommend rate:★★★★

    This book has a colorful cover, every time you see it, you will see and study what is inside it. The pages smell good and it has a very well-organized content with many josekis in it. if you watched Hidetchi's Shogi videos, this book would have complement your skill regarding joseki.

  • Fantastic way to learn Opening moves

    2013/02/11 Poster:Chris Kelly Recommend rate:★★★★★

    This book gets you to think about the next move on your own. The hints are helpful to beginners and the explanations are clear and precise. Great work!

  • A Instant Classics!

    2012/12/25 Poster:Stephen Sun Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Long before this book was published, Shogi beginners are looking up and down for another "must have" Shogi Opening Book---Guide to Shogi Openings, written by Aono Teruichi. Accidentally, both books all have 200 problems! Nowadays, on the used book market, a copy of Guide to Shogi Openings may cost you more than US$100! However, I would like to say that the search of Aono Teruichi's book is not necessary anymore because we have another great book about Shogi Openings! Joseki at a Glance written by Ms. Kitao is a very well written book about Shogi Openings, and it may be used as a replacement of Mr. Teruichi 9 dan's "Guide to Shogi Openings"! Together with another great book in this "at a Glance" series, Edge Attack at a Glance, these two books should be on non-Japanese speaking Shogi player's bookshelf, period. Dear Shogi fans, please grab them while they are available! There is another great book published by Nekomado is out of print already! That is why you only see three books available: Joseki at a Glance, Edge Attack at a Glance and Ending Attack Techniques! Highly recommended to Shogi players, especially beginners!

  • Must-have for beginners

    2012/09/27 Poster:John Cooper Recommend rate:★★★★

    This book, along with the book on Edge attacks is a must-have book in any beginner's library of Shogi books. Most beginners will learn the basics of the game and then immediately ask, "How do I begin?" This book leads the reader through the thought process that yields the standard joseki, which is far better than just asking the reader to memorize lines of moves.

  • Another great

    2012/08/29 Poster:Steve Bolduc Recommend rate:★★★★

    Wow. Much needed litterature in the west. Hopefuly in some years from now Shogi will stand in the foreground of games in america..This book thus fullfill a gap and is ahead of its time.

  • Even better than expected!

    2012/06/10 Poster:Dave Recommend rate:★★★★★

    A well produced book with useful problems and easy to follow answers. When finished have another read and see how many you can solve "at a glance"!
    (Use with Hidetchi's videos perhaps).
    Super book, highly recommended.

  • Great book!

    2011/12/12 Poster:Adam Szlachta Recommend rate:★★★★★

    I admit this book is a must-have. It covers many key joseki moves in various kinds of openings with an explanation why those moves are superior than the alternative ones. Because it is problem-oriented, it not only helps to understand correct or best moves, but also helps catching some wrong ideas about what to do in a given position. That can really improve the shogi skills. Thank you for publishing this book!

  • Perfect!

    2011/11/18 Poster:waquil05 Recommend rate:★★★★★

    I'm amazed by the breadth and depth this book offers. The explanations are clear and concise; moreover, this book is improving my ability to read the whole board and to think ahead. Absolutely recommended.

  • A must-have for any serious player

    2011/11/03 Poster:hirohiigo Recommend rate:★★★★★

    This book has very clear explanations of each position, easy-to-understand diagrams, and many key positions to consider. It will force you to actually consider which move to make and why you make it, instead of making it simply because it's the joseki move. It's also wonderfully translated by Hidetchi. If you don't know Japanese but want to start reading serious shogi books, you absolutely must get this one.

  • Useful and fun to read!

    2011/08/30 Poster:ya_tom Recommend rate:★★★★★

    It is really useful to have this type of book.
    You can either check your play by using every page as a quiz, or learn important moves by reading through all the pages.

  • Greatest English shogi book ever

    2011/08/21 Poster:Hidetchi Recommend rate:★★★★★

    I'm actually the one who translated this book.
    I think this is a great book. You can learn many key moves in joseki. The price is even so reasonable.
    I really recommend this.

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