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Ending Attack Techniques 200

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English version of the bestseller "寄せの手筋 200" by Takashi Kaneko. For more than 20 years, his books have served as the bibles of shogi endgame techniques in Japan, and have been appreciated by so many players, amateur or professional.
It is now translated by the famed Tomohide Kawasaki (Hidetchi), the YouTube Shogi Channel producer and 81Dojo director.
This book is recommended by many top-flight professional shogi players. (Recommendations are shown below on this page.)

Chapter 1: Restrain from Above
Chapter 2: Pincer Attack
Chapter 3: Utilization of Horse and Bishop
Chapter 4: Utilization of Dragon and Rook
Chapter 5: Blockade the Escape Route
Chapter 6: The Process toward a Gold-on-the-head
Chapter 7: Edge Pawn against Edge King
Chapter 8: Mastering Silver-on-the-belly
Chapter 9: The Deadly Double Check
Chapter 10: Various Ending Attacks
Chapter 11: Combination of Techniques

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Recommendations by Professional Players

"Many basic patterns of ending attacks are clearly explained. One should start reading this book as soon as he learns the rules."
Yoshiharu HABU

"For amateur players, it is more practical in their games to make simple brinkmates rather than to aim for difficult checkmates. Basic techniques of ending attacks are well categorized in this book so that they are very easy to understand."
Toshiyuki MORIUCHI

"This book is packed with the essence of the exceptional joy you feel when a ‘clean ending attack’ has worked out by making the best use of the pieces’ abilities."
Yasumitsu SATO

"Basic and advanced problems are neatly put in order. By following the problems step by step, even a kyu-player can solve difficult problems of the dan-holder's level. One can enjoy reading this book regardless of his strength."

"Some of the problems took several seconds even for me to solve. Ending attacks are the most important parts of shogi. This book will definitely improve your skills."

(Photos by Japan Shogi Association:
Ending Attack Techniques 200

About the Author

Takashi KANEKO was born in Tokyo in December 1961. He won on the Yomiuri Japan No. 1 Amateur Championship in 1981 while a student at the University of Tokyo and was subsequently active as an amateur player, winning the Amateur Ryuou championship in 1989 and finishing second place in the Asahi Amateur Meijin championship in 1990. Establishing a reputation for the outstanding organizational ability he developed as a scientific researcher, his first book "Ending Attack Techniques 168" has long been essential reading for shogi fans. Currently he works for a leading Japanese corporation, but has lost none of his enthusiasm for shogi.

The photo shows the Japanese original book.

Translated by the famed YouTube broadcaster

The translation was done by Hidetchi, the YouTube Shogi Channel producer and 81Dojo director.
Ending Attack Techniques 200

Excellent categorization method of brinkmate techniques

Take a close look at an example of how amazing endgame techniques the author will give you, using his own excellent categorization method of basic brinkmate patterns and their advanced applications.

Customer reviews

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  • Its Great

    2016/04/28 Poster:Mark Crofut Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Nice to get a English book on ending moves, I miss a critical step here at times, but I am sure this will straighten me out thank you.

  • The ending attack techniques is essential

    2014/09/01 Poster:Wang Qi Wen Recommend rate:★★★★★

    In order to improve the winning percentage in a shogi game, a consolidate ending attack technique is essential.

    This book is useful for a beginner or those who want to improve their end games. The book is nicely translated. 200 ending situations are perfectly organized in different chapters.

    Please translate and publish more shogi books in English.

  • The End is the Beginning

    2014/04/19 Poster:Vadim Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Since a bunch of pros has put comments on it, it's woth buying anyway, so there's no need to add a word. It reveals the main techniques of probably the most important part of the game, thus being a real start of your future wins.


    2014/01/22 Poster:Marco_San Recommend rate:★★★★★

    A beautifull book, it takes you from the basics to the expert level. Teach you in an irreprochable way the principal idea of the ending tecnichs.
    You can see the experience and the bast knowledge of the writter.
    I recomend it.

  • Amazing!

    2013/06/15 Poster:Samuel Zhang Recommend rate:★★★★★

    I haven't finished the book yet, but it teaches the tactics very well!

  • This book is fantastic.

    2013/03/23 Poster:Nicolás Carrero Recommend rate:★★★★★

    It has many ending attack techniques. This book will definitely improve your endgame level and you will be even stronger.

  • Fantastic Brinkmate Problems

    2013/02/11 Poster:Chris Kelly Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Excellent book even for a beginner. It has helped to improve my endgame.

  • The best endgame book you can get in English

    2012/10/31 Poster:Eric De Las Casas Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Tsumeshogi trains you how to deliver a checkmate when there's already one on the board, but to win games you have to know how to get into those situations first. Kaneko-sensei's Ending Attack Techniques 200 shows you how to do just that. This is a must-have for any shogi fan.