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Product code: V-058

Shogi Clock

Sale Price (incl. fee): 5,940 JPY
Points: + 59 Pt
Weight: 150g
Product's name: Shogi Clock
Size: 155×60×42mm
Unit weight: 105g
Accessory: AA battery x1 and English manual x1

☆This shogi clock is developed by Nekomado and DGT, a famous manufacturer of chess clock in Netherlands.

We recommend it because it is:
・a simple & compact chess clock for shogi players
・light and convenient to carry, only 105g
・easy operation with big buttons
・use only one AA battery
・Holding time and byo-yomi (countdown time) is able to be set in units of 10 seconds.

Some notices:
・It is not possible to set different time on the right side and the left side.
・Byo-yomi (countdown time) is with buzzer sound ( is short sound, and from 5 seconds is long sound).

*Please contact to '' if you want to buy a large number of shogi clocks. Some discount is offered.
10~20:4,200JPY (unit price)
more than 30: 3,600JPY (unit price)

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the box of shogi clock

Just a simple design but a really good shogi clock

the bottom of shogi clock

A simple manual is printed on the bottom of shogi clock in both Japanese and English.

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