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Dobutsu Shogi New!

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Dobutsu Shogi is a mini-shogi game with 3x4 board and 8 pieces.
It is an interesting board game with profound ideas which even small children can quickly understand its rule.

Rule designed by Madoka Kitao
Pictures designed by Maiko Fujita

New point (1)! A guiding booklet comes together, which teaches you from the basic rules to the techniques for winning!
New point (2)! New box stands vertically and is easy to store in your bookshelf!

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A very cute version of 3x4 shogi

Dobutsu shogi is a very good board game for children to learn shogi. All essence of shogi are condensed into this small board.
The game itself is more complicated than it looks, thus even an adult shogi player can enjoy playing it.
 Dobutsu Shogi New!

Designed by a Ladies Professional player

This game is loved by so many Japanese shogi fans for its well designed rules, which was the work by a professional player, Ladies 1-Dan Madoka Kitao.
 Dobutsu Shogi New!

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  • Two Thumbs Up!

    2017/08/18 Poster:Poupart Recommend rate:★★★★★

    An awesome game, beautifully designed and incredibly addicting. What else?

    My deepest thanks to the authors and to Nekomado Shop.

    David from Bordeaux, France.

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Sale Price (incl. fee): 1,300 JPY

Learn the techniques and win! Very good textbook of Dobutsu Shogi.