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English translation of the original Japanese book. "The Book of Dobutsu Shogi".
This book explains basic rules and manners, as well as important techniques and principles for moving the animals skillfully and winning the game.
The 5 columns at the end of the chapters and the music "Lion March" are also translated.

Author:Madoka KITAO
Illustrator: Maiko FUJITA
Translator:Yaeko TOMITA

Pages: 80
Size: 188 x 130 x 9mm

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  • Excellent book to an excellent game

    2013/04/17 Poster:Martijn Althuizen Recommend rate:★★★★★

    I'm a long time fan of Dobutsu Shogi. It's a truly excellent game that I highly recommend.

    I have both Japanese books to Dobutsu Shogi and recently ordered the English book as well. All books are very comprehensive and put together really well.

    The book not only explains how to play the game but also mentions basic game etiquette and gives background information about Madoka's and Maiko's quest to help spread Shogi amongst children the world over (which are the future adults of course).

    There are lots of 'puzzles' (including solutions) that help players gain deeper insight in tactics. Not only the correct moves are explained though. The reasons why other moves aren't as good are also detailed.

    And there's even more. The book also contains a two page gameboard with the game's pieces printed on the slipcover. I'm not ever going to cut out the pieces from the slipcover as I want to keep the book as it is. Playing the game on the board that's printed in the book isn't very practical as it will probably be hard to keep the pages folded flat. Nevertheless I think it's a nice addition to the book as it does allow you to actually play the game even if you don't have a seperate copy of the actual game.

    And the lyrics and sheet music to the Let's Catch The Lion song are also in the book!

    All in all this is an excellent book to an excellent game. Like the game, the book is interesting and appealing to both children and adults. Once your children know how to play the game, give them this book so they can explore the game more indepth.