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Glance Shogi Series Set (3 books)

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"Joseki at a Glance", "Edge Attack at a Glance", and "Ending Attack at a Glance". The famous shogi book series by Madoka Kitao come as a set for a discount price. You get 3 books for only 3000 JPY. (Each book costs 1300 JPY when bought separately.)

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Vol 1: Joseki at a Glance

A great shogi book that has been selling more than 15,000 copies in Japan. It is now translated by Hidetchi for all English speaking shogi fans to read! It covers almost all kinds of joseki with very good explanation.

Vol 2: Edge Attack at a Glance

After a 6-month interval from the great shogi book "Joseki at a Glance", the 2nd volume is now published already!
This time, the theme is "Edge Attack". This book focuses specially on edge attack techniques, and it is well structured. If you become a master of edge attack, your winning percentage will increase significantly. Edge attack can even suddenly turn the tables from a losing position. There is no other book in this world that specially deals with and explains edge-related tactics in this detail. This book is, again, a must-have.

Vol 3: Ending Attack at a Glance

In this book, ending attack techniques are systematically discussed using partial diagrams. Various types of problems are covered including basic mate forms, brinkmate forms that lead to mates, as well as the defending techniques to avoid those. The techniques are well categorized, and each covers wide range of levels starting from very basic ones to advanced application that even good players might overlook. This book lets you improve the skill step by step.
The result of a game depends very much on the endgame ability. Please train your sense of ending attack with this book, so that you will be able to see the right move "at a glance".

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