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  • オススメ
  • 受注生産
Product code: K-005

Carved Ono-ore Pieces (1-kanji, Red on Promoted Side)

Sale Price (incl. fee): 19,000 JPY
Points: + 190 Pt
Weight: 250g

  Shogi equipment > Pieces

This decent inscribed pieces are very similar ones to those Hidetchi uses in his videos; in terms of the grade, the writing style (1-kanji), and the red color on the promoted side.
The Ono-ore wood is one of the high value materials. Ono-ore literally means "ax breaker", which is named after the way how the wood is hard and dense.

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  • Good investment for beginners

    2021/07/12 Poster:Martin Claveau Recommend rate:★★★★★

    This carved set is highly detailed, I can distinguish pieces and learn kanji a lot better than with my painted set with movement dots. Worth every penny. I have no complaints about the simple box : it's quaint and sturdy, and comes nested in a fancy gift box for presentation. Put the money where it counts, and combine with a folding cloth board to save on storage space as well.

  • Nice wood pattern

    2021/04/29 Poster:Alan Recommend rate:★★★★

    The pieces have no issue but the box sticker has scratches and the cloth is a little frayed.

  • Carved Ono-ore Pieces

    2014/10/17 Poster:Vadim Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Yes, quite pricy but what would you wish? Their beautiful look and the sound with which they are put on a wooden surface of a 'ban' cover all. My favourite amongst what I owe.

  • Great Shogi Pieces

    2014/01/14 Poster:Thomas Colligan Recommend rate:★★★★

    These Shogi pieces are of great quality! As previously mentioned, they are rather expensive. As such I wish the box they came in was a little nicer. An engraving on the top would have been nice instead of a gold sticker. The purple cloth inside of my box was also a little frayed, coming apart at the edges. For that price it would have been nice for that to not be the case. The Shogi pieces themselves are great though!

  • Excellent quality koma

    2012/09/04 Poster:John Cooper Recommend rate:★★★★

    This Shogi koma set is expensive, but worth it in my opinion. The wood is excellent quality, the carve is sharp and consistent, and the kanji is bold and clear. These are basically the same pieces Hidetchi uses in his YouTube videos and I love using them to follow along. They make a very satisfying sound when snapped on my 2-sun Kaya Shogi-ban. They are currently my favorite koma.

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