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  • オススメ
Product code: KS-006

Promotion Pieces (2-kanji)

Sale Price (incl. fee): 2,300 JPY
Points: + 23 Pt
Weight: 300g

  Shogi equipment > Pieces

Very nice looking piece sets with very reasonable price.
The set comes with a nice wooden piece box.

The material wood is Japanese Maple. The kanji are written with pressure inscription technique.

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The set comes with a nice piece box made of Paulownia wood.

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  • NEKOMADO Shogi 2-Kanji Pieces

    2018/03/12 Poster:Jamie Land Recommend rate:★★★★

    After using these pieces for a while, I can safely say that the kanji are very clean and easy to see at a glance. The quality of the wood of the pieces does change from piece to piece, however in general the pieces do not degrade and are still in perfect condition. I recommend this for any player who is starting out, however the included paper board inside is quite small.

  • Shogi piece

    2018/03/09 Poster:Aleksandr Gusev Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Shogi piece is greate quality. Very light, kanji is bold, well read. To date, this is my best choice for playing shogi.

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