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Don't Cry Zeffiro (2)

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"We're finally 5 members. The club will survive." But it was too early to be relieved. The Nishikaze-gaoka High School Shogi Club still needs one more boy member. As they start a recruiting again, they encounter an odd student.... Will Mr. Muto be the supervisor despite his health problem? Will they be able to beat Kanagawa Prefecture's strongest high school, which stands firmly in their path to the national finals? A very popular manga series since 2008 in "Shukan Shogi", the only newspaper in Japan devoted exclusively to shogi.

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Many kifu and diagrams used

The author presents realistic depictions of the youthful enthusiasm for shogi by Japanese high school students, which include many shogi kifu and diagrams. The translation was done by Hidetchi of 81Dojo. This book is not only a manga with fun, but also a professional shogi literature that shows you the Japanese shogi world.

About the author

Akira Yanagiha authors many manga series dealing with extraordinary fields. His noted works are:
High-school shogi club comics "Upset-boys" (Shukan Shogi)
Historical adventure comics "Gin-no-Kodou" (Kodansha)
Antique shop comics "Toh-hen-boku" (Shu-shuppan, etc.
Don't Cry Zeffiro (2)

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