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JUSHIMATSU -Ten Sisters-

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A board game designed by Madoka Kitao, the inventor of the famous Dobutsu Shogi.

Put all 10 tiles of the same color into each bag. Each player picks up one piece from his bag and puts it on the table in turn, trying to make 10 birds connected in one line: horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Game design: Madoka Kitao
Illustration: Hiroki Kaneko
Playing time: 1-5 min.
Age: 4+ to Adult

Two different colored sets containing 10 tiles each
Two drawstring bags
Manual (English and Japanese)

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The box and manual

The pieces

Try to put your pieces in line, while stopping the opponent to do so.

Apricot & Mint

Lavender & Latte

Custard & Ash

Sakura & Maccha

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