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NANAHOSHI -Ladybirds-

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New board game designed by Madoka Kitao, who is also the designer of the famous Dobutsu Shogi.
Each player tries to find ladybirds hidden under clover and collect 7 points. Anyone has a chance of winning, as it has built-in luck.
You can learn important concepts of shogi through this game, such as piece values, piece efficiency in the position, number-based attack, etc.

Designer Madoka Kitao, Hiroki Kaneko
Artist Hiroki Kaneko
Publisher Komado
Year Published 2013
# of Players 2
Mfg Suggested Ages 6 and up
Playing Time 10 minutes

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Outer box

Board and pieces

This game is still on a prototype stage, so the pieces are handmade by Madoka herself.

Customer reviews

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  • Very fun game!

    2014/02/05 Poster:Ivan Recommend rate:★★★★★

    First of all, this game is easy to learn! Also it's fun and has some strategy in it. Suits for all ages above 3 y.o.

  • Excellent design and very enjoyable to play

    2013/06/20 Poster:Martijn Althuizen Recommend rate:★★★★★

    This game has 2 design features that make it really special. The first is that the game has an element of luck in it. It isn't fully deterministic like other variants such as Dobutsu Shogi.
    The other is that the game introduces the concept of directionality. Rotating a piece is a valid option which, combined with the familiar movement restrictions of shogi-like pieces, make for a very interesting game mechanic.

    The luck comes from having to blindly flip over clover pieces without knowing what colour and type of ladybird will appear. This makes the game very dynamic as you run the risk of uncovering an opponent piece which can interfere with your game plans. And it makes the game a lot of fun!

    Game rounds don't last very long, so being unlucky in uncovering pieces and not being able to recover from it, isn't that big a deal. You simply start another game and try and get your revenge!

    The luck factor also makes this game highly replayable! It's an excellent light filler game with enough puzzly depth to make it interesting to a wide audience. Highly recommended and I'll be picking up several more copies in Essen to give away as gifts!