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Shogi Board for Beginners

Sale Price (incl. fee): 4,400 JPY
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Weight: 1350g
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  Shogi equipment > Boards

One-piece shogi board, which is relatively thin but stiff.
MDF is used inside, so it is very stiff and will have no curvature.

Back side is covered with cloth, and the board thickness is smaller than that of "2-side Shogi Board for Beginners".

Size: L 365mm x W 334mm x H 14mm
Weight: 1180g
Material: MDF(inside), Spruce(surface)

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Back side

The back side is covered with cloth.

Comparison of the thicknesses with the 2-side Shogi Board

This board is even thinner than the 2-side Shogi Board.

- Right: This board
- Left: 2-side Shogi Board

Customer reviews

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  • Recommended Board

    2016/03/16 Poster:Thiago Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Very beautiful board. High quality. Recommended.

  • A must have for beginners

    2013/06/07 Poster:silentboy39 Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Low price, great quality: the perfect item for beginners who want to play Shogi.The board is thin, solid and beautiful!! Highly recommended.

  • High Quality board for beginner

    2013/04/11 Poster:achiinto Recommend rate:★★★★★

    This is a high quality board for this low price. This is a real bargain for beginner. And the quality fit well with the Promotion Piece set.