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5x6 Shogi Board

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5x6 square board for playing "Goro-Goro Shogi", which is invented by Japan Shogi Association. The material is the nice Hiba wood with a half-sun thickness.

A small shogi variant developed by Japan Shogi Association.
Golds, silvers, and pawns are used in a 5x6 board. Promotion zone is the farthest two ranks. Illegal moves such as two-pawns (nifu) are the same as in normal shogi.
This game can be played in shorter time than the normal shogi, and many basic and important concepts of shogi can be learnt effectively, such as capturing and dropping a piece and making promotion. In the endgame, the player can experience the usage of golds and silvers in actual mating sequences.

268mm x 210mm x23mm

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Initial position of Goro-Goro Shogi

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  • Nice board, but

    2015/07/25 Poster:LJR from Canada Recommend rate:★★★★

    the finish was a bit uneven. Hard to tell if this is good value for the money, but it's better than I could have made myself and I'm still happy I bought it.

    What would be nice is a smaller (limited) piece set to go with it (similar to what's offered for Kyoto shogi).

  • GORO

    2014/10/17 Poster:Vadim Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Less that its relative, this board offers great variety of action on it! Extremely well made, it is a perfect extention to normal shogi. Haven't you played 'goro' shogi especially with a KNIGHT and a LANCE in hand, well, you certainly missed much, and this board will help you fill the gap! Enjoy!