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  • オススメ
Product code: B-011

No-joint Foldable Chu-shogi Board

Sale Price (incl. fee): 7,500 JPY
Points: + 75 Pt
Weight: 1500g
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  Variations > Chu-shogi

The history of chu-shogi is older than that of shogi.
It uses 92 pieces on a 12x12 size board. Captured pieces cannot be used again, but there are many unique and interesting pieces such as "Lion", "Free King", "Kirin", etc.

L 455mm x W 426mm x H 10mm, 1500g
Inside: MDF, Surface: Spruce, Backsize: Cloth

※Pieces are not included.

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Folded state

Back side

Back side is covered with cloth. There is no metal joint, so the board does not damage the table.

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