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Vinyl Board

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  Shogi equipment > Boards

A flexible shogi board which is made of vinyl.
You could easily bring it to anywhere and use it in the shogi-promotion activities.

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  • Good quality, good price

    2020/09/07 Poster:Jean-Simon Recommend rate:★★★★★

    The board is surprisingly thick. It feels very sturdy, and the lines do not feel like they will wear off over time. The mat is tournament-sized, so any tournament legal pieces you might come across will fit on here. It is also quite convenient to carry.

    It does not come with koumadai (piece stands), so I made my own using a silicone baking sheet. It rolls perfectly with the board when I want to store it.

    Although shipping was fast, delivery time was lengthy, but it is Canada Post and the Canadian Customs' fault, not Nekomado's.

  • Light weight and flexible

    2020/02/09 Poster:Nolan Lau Recommend rate:★★★★

    A simple vinyl board which is flexible but holds its shape and stays flat relatively well. It's light weight so it is convenient to bring around and serves its job well as a board. Only complaint is that it somewhat dampens the clicking sound you make when snapping a piece but that is still highly dependent on the type of surface below.

  • Good quality

    2019/01/25 Poster:Robert Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Exactly what you expect. Good quality and flexible board to easily carry it around.

  • Vinyl

    2018/03/09 Poster:Aleksandr Gusev Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Very good quality board!!! I'm new to shogi, and I'm very glad that I can use this board to improve my skill.

  • Worth it

    2016/04/28 Poster:Mark Crofut Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Needed a mat in case of travel works great and easy to clean.

  • Cheap and convenient board

    2014/09/01 Poster:Wang Qi Wen Recommend rate:★★★★★

    The board is easy to carry around. You can bring it to play in a small weekend tournament. It will not get dirty very easily.

    I have 2 inch and 1 inch board, but I still feel it is necessary to have a vinyl board. Meanwhile, it is cheap as compared with other options.

    For 10 kyu to 5 kyu players, I do suggest you should use the vinyl board rather than any other wood board.

    The delivery from Japan to Shanghai takes roughly 12 days.

  • Vinyl experience

    2014/04/19 Poster:Vadim Recommend rate:★★★★

    Flexible, light to carry, easy to wipe if covered with dust. The colour is somewhat darker than expected. A good complement for your home shogi equipment.

  • Vinyl Board

    2012/11/09 Poster:Edward Vaughn Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Light weight, easy to carry and use. Really nice for coffee shops and other away-from-home locations. Great purchase.