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  • 限定品
  • 受注生産
Product code: EX-Y01

5.8-sun Hyuga-Kaya Board (4-side Masa)

Sale Price (incl. fee): 337,500 JPY
Points: + 3,375 Pt
Weight: 7000g

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The price and pictures of this product are just for reference. Please contact us for more information if you have interest in this beautiful and high-quality shogi board.

5.8-sun 4-side masa (shihou-masa) board taken from a huge natural tree that is over 350 years old. Although the grains are relatively a little broad, it has a perfect 4-side masa pattern. The wood has a nice elasticity, and guarantees a splendid feel when playing on it.
It is so rare that this high ranked wood comes available on the market.
It is seasoned and dried for more than 40 years. Of course the legs are with hand carving, and the squares are drawn with sword graduation (tachi-mori) technique.

Width: 1 shaku 1.1 sun
Depth: 1 shaku 2.1 sun

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Masa on top

Masa on side1

Masa on side2

The other cross-section

Back side

Hand carved leg

Made with sword graduation technique

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