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Ending Attack Techniques 200

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English version of the bestseller "寄せの手筋 200" by Takashi Kaneko. For more than 20 years, his books have served as the bibles of shogi endgame techniques in Japan, and have been appreciated by so many players, amateur or professional.
It is now translated by the famed Tomohide Kawasaki (Hidetchi), the YouTube Shogi Channel producer and 81Dojo director.
This book is recommended by many top-flight professional shogi players. (Recommendations are shown below on this page.)

Chapter 1: Restrain from Above
Chapter 2: Pincer Attack
Chapter 3: Utilization of Horse and Bishop
Chapter 4: Utilization of Dragon and Rook
Chapter 5: Blockade the Escape Route
Chapter 6: The Process toward a Gold-on-the-head
Chapter 7: Edge Pawn against Edge King
Chapter 8: Mastering Silver-on-the-belly
Chapter 9: The Deadly Double Check
Chapter 10: Various Ending Attacks
Chapter 11: Combination of Techniques

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