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Heart Shogi
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Heart Shogi

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Supervised by The Ladies Professional Shogi-players' Association of Japan

The best for girls' first Shogi!
Heart-touching new "Heart Shogi"

The set includes
Shogi board [wooden] - 2 pieces 1 set
Pink and white pieces [wooden] - 20 pieces each
Pink and white spare pieces (plain) [wooden] - 1 piece each
Rule book (18 pages) - 1 copy
Cloth pouch for pieces - 1
Bag for carrying - 1

Material and size
Shogi board: MDF approx. 378 x H x D 5 (mm)
Shogi pieces: MDF 40mm×40mm×8mm
Drawstring: Cotton W140mm x H200mm
Denim bag: Cotton W400mm x H250mm
Product case box: 400mm x 200mm x 55mm

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