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  • 受注生産
Product code: K-024

Written Kaede Chu-shogi Pieces

Sale Price (incl. fee): 30,000 JPY
Points: + 300 Pt
Weight: 500g

  Variations > Chu-shogi

Chu-shogi is a shogi variant which has been played since Edo era.
You play it on a 12×12 square board with a set comprising 46 pieces of 21 types.
Basically the rules are same to shogi, except:
・You can’t put the pieces you have captured back onto the board.
・You can promote your pieces when it moves into, out from or within the four furthest ranks of the board.
・If there are crown piece on a board, the opponent player must mate both of the king and the crown piece.

Contents and the number of pieces:
King (2), Gold general (4), Silver general (4), Lance (4), Rook (4), Bishop (4), Pawn (24),
Dragon horse (4), Dragon king (4),
Free king (2), Phoenix (2), Drank elephant (2), Kirin (2),
Side mover (4), Vertical mover (4), Lion (4), Reverse chariot (4), Blind tiger (4),
Ferocious leopard (4), Copper general (4), Go-between (4)

Material: Kaede (maple) (92 pieces)
Each set comes in a nice pieces box.

※the set of pieces is made after you order it.
 So we need about two months from your order.
  We deliver it separately from other orders.

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These are the mane of all pieces and promted.

Lion and Kirin piece

These are typical pieces of chu-shogi.

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