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Storming the Mino Castle 200

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English version of the bestseller "美濃崩し 200" by Takashi Kaneko. For more than 20 years, his books have served as the bibles of shogi endgame techniques in Japan, and have been appreciated by so many players, amateur or professional.

This book is the sequel to the former bestseller "Ending Attack Techniques 200". This time the author explains 200 ways to destroy Mino Castle.

Chapter 1: Storming the Simple Mino
Chapter 2: Storming the Complete Mino
Chapter 3: Storming the High Mino
Chapter 4: Storming the Silver Crown
Chapter 5: Storming the Kimura Mino and Gold Mino
Chapter 6: Finishing Techniques
Chapter 7: Application of Techniques in Joseki

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About the Author

Takashi KANEKO was born in Tokyo in December 1961. He won on the Yomiuri Japan No. 1 Amateur Championship in 1981 while a student at the University of Tokyo and was subsequently active as an amateur player, winning the Amateur Ryuou championship in 1989 and finishing second place in the Asahi Amateur Meijin championship in 1990. Establishing a reputation for the outstanding organizational ability he developed as a scientific researcher, his first book "Ending Attack Techniques 168" has long been essential reading for shogi fans. Currently he works for a leading Japanese corporation, but has lost none of his enthusiasm for shogi.

The photo shows the Japanese original book.

About the Translator

Richard Sams is a professional translator living in Tokyo. Born in London in 1955, he studied history at Cambridge University, where he was president of the university chess club. He taught himself Japanese in order to study shogi and moved to Japan in 1989. In addition to being a chess expert, he is a 4-dan amateur shogi player. He has also translated Koji Tanigawa’s Lightning Speed Endgame Technique (available online).

So many surprising attacks you can never imagine

Take a close look at an example of how beautiful basic/advanced Mino-storming techniques the author will give you, which make you feel as if the strong Mino Castle has become a very weak castle after you finish this book.

Customer reviews

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  • This book is excellent

    2014/09/01 Poster:Wang Qi Wen Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Various types of mino castles are frequently used in furibisha (ranging rock) strategies.

    Learn how to storm various types of mino castles is very important to deal with furibisha players. The translation is excellent and the book is well organized.

    I typically like the arrow head representation, which is used to indicate the storm direction.

    Please translate and publish more shogi books into English. I will definitely support! :-)

  • little sensei

    2014/02/09 Poster:frenchplayer Recommend rate:★★★★★

    this book is very good at all points, thank you very much for your translate !!!

  • This book is extremely good.

    2013/03/23 Poster:Nicolás Carrero Recommend rate:★★★★★

    It explains how to storm various types of mino castles and show you how to attack it from four directions: from the side, from the edge, diagonal attack and from the front. This book is great and it will definitely improve your shogi skill.