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  • 残りわずか
  • 限定品
Product code: K-015

Drunk Elephant / Prince as Written Tsuge Pieces

Sale Price (incl. fee): 2,500 JPY
Points: + 25 Pt
Weight: 10g


醉象/太子 pieces, which you can find in Chu-shogi and Sho-shogi.
Nice quality with hand writing technique and genuine tsuge material.
2 pieces included.

醉象: Drunk Elephant
太子: Prince, which is the promoted side of 醉象

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Combine with normal shogi set

If you combine these with the normal shogi set, you can play 小将棋 (Sho-shogi), which is the direct ancestor of normal shogi!

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  • Sho Shogi reborn

    2012/12/08 Poster:Edward Strickland Recommend rate:★★★★★

    These pieces match extremely well with the model K-014 shogi pieces that I bought on this site: they match closely in size, material, and calligraphy, with only one small difference: the promoted side of the aforementioned set is in red and these pieces in black. I do not regard that as any kind of disqualifier, though.