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80 Annotated Games Collection.

"The first game given here was played about 300 years ago, so the reader will be able to understand the strategy of shogi from the Edo period to the modern era...I hope a great many people will discover the width and depth of shogi. I too have discovered so many interesting games in working on this book project" (Yoshiharu Habu).

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  • Great collection of games

    2012/07/31 Poster:hirohiigo Recommend rate:★★★★

    Great kifus dating back hundreds of years. You can really get a sense of the evolution of shogi with this book. As always, Habu provides brilliant insight.

    I really wish Habu had given more commentary to each game. He only gives one paragraph of analysis for each. Mr. Hosking's analyses are so basic that many of them are not even worth reading; I often found myself skipping his comments completely in favor of going straight to Habu's.

    Still a great book, though, and worth the purchase.