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With a Foreword by Yoshiharu Habu.

"On reading 'The Art Of Shogi' I was very surprised and pleased with its content of shogi history, teaching the rules, explanation of a lot of tactics, and introduction to openings and professional systems which is very wide and deep. I think beginners will understand clearly and quickly. I hope many people will play shogi outside Japan, and I sincerely recommend this book" (Yoshiharu Habu).

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  • my opinion

    2020/10/22 Poster:Amin Recommend rate:★★★★★

    this is the best book for a beginner. it has strategies and openings and castles ,essential for any amature. it worth the money if you realy want to continue learning shogi.

  • Good Book

    2019/08/07 Poster:Maku Recommend rate:★★★★

    A Great Book to Start , even if its an old book. You can learn a lot of stuff and techniques that are essential ,tactics,openings and end games.

  • beautiful

    2017/01/06 Poster:km Recommend rate:★★★★★

    Although the book isn't pretty and the typesetting is dated, this is the best shogi book in English. Even though some of the strategy is dated, it's still a great book. For some examples of its age, it only focuses on the Classic Yagura opening and not the newer Yagura opening. And, it doesn't include One-Turn Loss Bishop Exchange and so on. But, what it does have makes it a great book. The other two English joseki books (by Aono and Kitao) work more like a series of snapshots of different points within a joseki. So, if one is total beginner, it may not always be easy to piece together the whole joseki from just the information in their pages. In contrast, Hosking's book goes through all the moves from the start position making the development of the pieces crystal clear. It has a good section on history, includes information on handicap joseki, and has some general points about tactics and strategy apart of joseki study. Nonetheless, the main reason to buy this book is for its very detailed joseki analysis as it stood up until the mid-1990s. Finally, I'll note that it doesn't cover everything. For example, the beginner's strategy of Primitive Climbing Silver doesn't really make much of an appearance here. (For that, see Aono's English joseki book.)

  • Excellent Book for Shogi Starters

    2012/12/30 Poster:Taigaa001 Recommend rate:★★★★

    Although the book price may be a bit expensive to choose as a starter's book, It has wealth of information of what shogi is and basic shogi strategies with full of pro games annotation as examples. It is the book 1 of the Tony Hosking's shogi book series and if you like this book also purchase other books written by the same author.

  • A great book for all levels

    2012/07/31 Poster:hirohiigo Recommend rate:★★★★

    The Art of Shogi is a book that should be in every English speaking fan's collection. It provides an excellent introduction to shogi and great introductions to dozens of josekis, and also provides pro game kifu for context. My only issue with the book is that its textbook style looks boring and is sometimes hard to read.