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  • オススメ
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Hidetchi's Internationalized Pieces

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  Shogi equipment > Pieces

The famous and cool internationalized design by Hidetchi, which is used in 81Dojo and also presented on his YouTube Shogi Channel top page. The designs of promoted golds are even refined by Nekomado.
You cannot find this cool piece set anywhere else. This is the only real Hidetchi piece set in this world.
Each set comes in a nice piece box.

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The original design is beautifully reproduced

The pieces are made with pressure-inscription technique. The figures are inscribed with very clear lines.

Comes with a nice piece box

The set comes with a nice wooden piece box with the special stamp. You can bring this piece set to any place where you go play shogi to.

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  • Great set and that was quick

    2016/04/13 Poster:Evert Jan Karman Recommend rate:★★★★★


    I've received my pieces only one week (!) after the payment confirmation so that was quick and I'm very happy.

    While taking a very close look it occurs to me that lines on a few pieces are slightly less clear compared to other pieces.

  • Nice to the touch

    2015/04/18 Poster:Ingus Macats Recommend rate:★★★★

    The pieces look very nice, they are rather large (the pawn, being the smalles piece, is roughly the same size as the distal phalanx of my index finger) and very nice to the touch.
    The drawings are clear, easily discernable and can be understood rather intuitively by players who are already familiar with Western chess. The pieces which don't have a Western equivalent, are designed in such a way to suggest their movepool to the player, which I find extremely helpful. The figures seem to be carved first and then painted in, rather than being painted directly on the surface (which means they're gonna last longer).
    The wood has a very natural feel, it doesn't seem to be bleached or stained in any way (so some pieces have seemingly natural spots and lines in the wood, but they don't interfere much with the clarity of the images).
    The box is nice and compact, exactly the size it should be in order to hold the pieces without necessarily having to lign things up too meticulously or squeeze anything in.

  • Wonderful set

    2015/01/05 Poster:Dan Recommend rate:★★★★★

    I love the quality of the pieces, and they're great for introducing shogi to any interested players - in my opinion, Hidetchi's pieces are the most well done pieces that blend recognizable chess style with very eloquent symbolization (especially for the generals). The quality of the pieces was as expected, and the only discrepancy I noted is that the promoted silver had thinner lines than the other pieces. Very minor, so overall very good.

  • International Shogi Koma

    2014/10/17 Poster:Vadim Recommend rate:★★★★★

    For those who would like to discover the world of shogi with the help of slightly familiar piece appearance, these are certainly recommended. Japanese disigners managed to create a very cute 'chessmen'. A form of art expressed in wood and colour. I have already introduced shogi to regular chess players who appreciate them much, and so did I! By the way, isnt't it a good present? Consider it!

  • Hidetchi's Internationalized Shogi Pieces

    2014/01/14 Poster:Thomas Colligan Recommend rate:★★★★★

    These pieces are of great quality for their price and come in a very nice wooden box. They are great for teaching other people how to play Shogi, especially if they would at first be scared off by the hard to memorize Kanji.

  • International Shogi Set

    2014/01/03 Poster:Alex Recommend rate:★★★★★

    This is by far the best internationalized/westernized Shogi set I've come across. They clearly set the standard for internationalized Shogi pieces. They are beautifully illustrated, clear, and durable.

    It's true that the lines on graphics of the pieces could be a bit heavier.

  • Hidetchi's Internationalized Shogi Koma

    2012/08/22 Poster:John Cooper Recommend rate:★★★★

    These koma pieces are great! They are sturdy and nice to handle. The graphics are clear and easy to see. They are perfect for introducing western newcomers to shogi. The only suggestion I would offer is to make the line work on the graphics a little thicker.