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  • 受注生産
Product code: V-001

Design SHOGI

Sale Price (incl. fee): 16,300 JPY
Points: + 163 Pt
Weight: 2420g

  Shogi equipment > Game sets

DESIGN Shogi is an unique elegant design version of shogi, which is made of tiles.
The pieces are circle shaped, and their movement patterns are described on them with beautiful arrows.
It is even suitable for an interior decoration item!

 - Board: 298×298×8mm
 - Piece: φ10×10mm
 - Outer box: 315×370×30mm

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Unique piece design

The elegant arrows describe how the cute circle piece can move. Each piece has its own Japanese name written on them in alphabets.

With a nice box

The board and pieces are put in a nice large box.

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