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  • 残りわずか
  • 限定品
Product code: V-038

Kyoto Shogi (GENTOSHA)

Sale Price (incl. fee): 1,900 JPY
Points: + 19 Pt
Weight: 330g


Kyoto shogi is a new variant of shogi.
Pieces alternately change the abilities with every move.

You play it on a 5×5 square board.
5 pieces have unique face-tail combinations.

King doesn’t change because he has to be there in a game.
Four other pieces have head side and tail side combinations as:
Lance and Tokin (Promoted Pawn), Silver and Bishop, Gold and Knight, and Rook and Pawn.
Using fewer pieces means you can finish it in shorter time than original shogi.

This is supervised by professional player Makoto Tobe 6-dan.

Includes: 10 pieces, 1 folding board, a guide book

Kyoto shogi apps was released on 1st Oct, 2015!!

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