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  • 残りわずか
  • オススメ
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Book to Master Bishop-exchanged 4th-file Rook by Takeshi Fujii

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Takeshi Fujii, a specialist of Bishop-exchanged 4th-file Rook, explains its basic theory, including ideal piece formation and the aims of the strategy.

This book is written in Japanese.

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  • Excellent book

    2015/06/22 Poster:Dr. Wang Qi-Wen Recommend rate:★★★★★

    I have been followed the Hidetchi on his youtube video since last year. And I do enjoy playing shogi all the time. These series of books is what I needed to study the fundamentals of 4th file rook strategy. I highly recommended these books to those players who want to master the 4th file rook strategies. In addition to that, I do wish the shop owner should put more Japanese books on the selling list such as 四間飛車穴熊の急所(1)(2), 中飛車の基本, 石田流の基本【早石田と角交換型】,石田流の基本, 矢倉の急所(1)(2), these books are excellent but they are not available to international players. Please help us.